When does guy cries for a girl?

We are in a phase of giving up in our relationship. Our family friends and us at times don't think its going to work and we fight a lot. Although we fight a lot, karma is working with us and we are not able to give up on our relationship or each other when we meet each other and both of us cannot resist being apart from each other! Choosing him will be end of my carrier and I have to leave my family and friends. Although, their is a hope that being with each other we can build something on our own.


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  • How long have you been together? What is it that you fight about? How well do you know him? Feel free to message me or comment below but with out knowing those answers the only thing I can tell you really follow your gut in theses situations. Hearts have to much emotion. Your gut will tell you if things can truly work out and how you really feel about him.


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