Ex bf texted me back to my apologie message?

I broke up w him but then he met someone new actually someone I always dislike and he knew it I still dislike her anyway I sent him a text an apologie how truly srry I am and wishing him happy w her. since he never want me to contact him I didn't make a phone call. I didn't expect him text me back cause he's still with her. surprisly he replied w nice words that he feels srry about what happened to us. and let's forget about harmful things. is that mean he's not with her anymore or he's not so happy w her? Last time I remember he was furious at me seemed never want to talk to me again. now I wonder why did he reply on something meaningless message (when you are already w someone new and you love that person does your ex apologie even matters to you) I didn't mean to text him to win over him I just want him to be happy even without me. but didn't expect any respond. am I too hoping on him?


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  • as you make a step already then dont look back just move


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