Do I have a chance to win him over?

it's been a few months since I broke up with him. He's dating a girl I always dislike. it was messed up anyways he hated me for braking up w him and also he hated me to dislike the girl he's dating. seemed like he never want to talk to me again. so far I know he's still w that girl happily today I sent him an apologie message about how sorry I am and my behaviour also wishing him happy w her. I didn't expect him to reply cause last time he told me not to contact him ever again. surprisly he respond nicely saying that lets forget all the harmful happens we had it was short but still didn't expect to receive anything. Now I wonder if there's a chance we could be friends. why didn't he just ignore my message is that mean I have a chance? or is that mean he's done mad at me cause he's happy w her doesn't even care about me at all? What case would a guy replying to your ex gf?


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  • If he's a low value beta kinda guy, you could probably win him back. But if he's a high value, confident alpha... not a chance. Based on what you said he sounds like the former, so you probably could.

    • I wonder if your happy w new girl would an apology even matter? he said lets forgive each other and forget what we did to hurt each other. Is he not doing well w he's new gf?

    • why would he wants to make clear all the mess when he's truly happy w her now? What matters to him do that effort?

    • If it was me, I would still care about the old girl probably... but I wouldn't allow myself to become close to her again.

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