How to get an ex boyfriend back? After he wanted to still b friends and I said no?

Me and my ex broke up about 3 moths ago, we dated for 3 years. he claims break up was due to future plans and he didn't want to move when he had a job here. I still have awhile before vet school and haven't even applied yet. Saw him acouple days after break up at school and he was still acting in love wit me and there wa hope for us. A week after he broke up with he texted me for days straight and then said he was really hoping we could tlk. I responded a week later and he says it was about being friends. I said no. I didn't want him to think he could have the single life and me and I'd hope he'd miss me enough and come back, I was also to hurt cuz he madeout wit a girl couple days after we broke up. I kind of wish I said yes to his friendship and prob would have been only way wed get back together? Cuz no he respected my wishes and wnt initiate communication.


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  • Chloroform and Torture.


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