Can boys change back to something they use to be?

My ex use to be so sweet and would always be there for me and all but after our break up, he doesn't treat me the same. He's always dry with me and just sometimes ignores me, he said I changed him but can I change him back to how he use to be!


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  • Why do you think he would treat you the same after a break up? Break ups are normally very painful to at least one of the people involved. If he is in pain because of the breakup he may need to distance himself with you, so he doesn't get hurt even more.

    He was so sweet and would always be there for you because he loved you. In order to go back to being what he was, he would need to fall in love with you again. If he can't be with you, then what you are wanting is for him to remain in love with you, as you refuse to love him in return. That would be incredibly painful for him, and very selfish of you. If you want to get back together then it might be possible to go back to how things were, but otherwise just leave him alone, and let him move on.

    • It's not that. I love with with all my heart, it's the opposite. I'm the one hurt and he changed and he's not the same anymore , he broke up with me. it doesn't look like he cares About my feelings, he said that he wa trying to be like he was but he said it was impossible but that's just cause he's a negative person

    • I understand now. I thought you were one of those people that wanted to be friends after a breakup. Normally the person not hurt is the one still wanting to be friends. It sounds like he never was the kind of person you thought he was to begin with. He was just trying to be something that he wasn't. So you can't really change him back since he never was that kind of guy in the first place.

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  • You can't change a person they have to want to change. Maybe in the future if he realizes what a mess of himself he has made, he might regret letting you go and come back to you. But for now I would just let him, don't chase him.


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