I can't forget about this one girl I used to like?

So there's this girl that I used to hang out with. We got along well and we got flirty but I wouldn't ask her out because the time wasn't ready yet.

Well time has passed, now she and I aren't as flirt any more and she doesn't seem to be interested in a relationship as before. I took too much time before having a chance to ask her out. At first she would just ignore me, now we only talk when we hang out at lunch.

I hang out with other girls trying to forget about my old friend, but I find myself looking over to see if she's looking over at me but she never is as opposed to before. I miss her so much and I feel like it's my fault, and I always wonder how things would be between us if I did ask her out. Now I'm anxious and I'm always looking to see if she may be interested but I know she isn't and I just want to give up but I miss her so much. She was perfect.

Advice? I'm hanging out with other girls but I just can't seem to forget about the other girl I used to like.


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  • I told my crush I liked him. He said he had school and sports and how he never talks to girls. He said he will start dating in grade eleven or twelve. To me that just sounded like a nice way to reject me. I have been pretending I dont like him because he told his friends. I ignore looking at him to pretend I couldn't care less and I ignore him whenever I have the chance. I just am afraid he will never like me so I need to keep my guard up. You should just confess, trust me you feel better afterwards, I sure did. You have more closeur. If my crush said it was never gonna happen, I wouldn't be so hung up on him. I don't know. I feel I'm so close yet so far. Maybe that girl feels the same. Take the corage, she could be waiting for you to ask her :)

    • Thank you for finding my confussing life story the Most Helpful answer haha :)

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  • um go over and talk to her say hi, you know women aren't going to come to you, is this a new concept?

    • No. What it is is that I know I won't have a chance with her anymore and I want to forget about her.

    • why dont you have a chance, maybe you do? but it will pass in time if you can't, i recommend not looking at her and trying not to think about her. I've had many crushes usually only lasting a few weeks or a month, but one guy lasted 8 months and i really liked him. wasn't until we were in separate classes that i got over it, i see him time to time but im over it. Time heals all wounds...

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  • Well, if you see as the perfect girl things are most likely not gonna work. Try to avoid being anxious and aim to become more relaxed, give her the vague impression that you are interested in her but at the same time show her you have other options. She will find your indifference attractive..


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