Confusing ex? Someone help please why does he keep asking questions about who I talk too when he went back to his ex girlfriend?

I broke up with him a couple of weeks ago because he was confused between me and his ex he dated her for 3 years and me for 6 months me and him got together shortly after they had broken up but anyways he always rubs in the face he's talking to her because it use to get to me towards the end of realtionshp because we're kind on a break but we're still together at the same time but it doesn't bother me anymore and I know he see that because for a little bit i didn't talk to anyone but he found out threw my brother I was talking to somebody and now he keeps question me and when I ignore him he gets mad like why does he care I don't show him any sign of me caring that he's talking to her i don't get it. Like he even asked what he looked like so I showed him a picture of him and asking like what kind of car he drives I'm 19 and the new guy is 24 which is not that big of a difference and he yelled at me saying that disgusting and he hopes I have a nice life and good luck with that? And he asked me do I think about him when I'm with him I'm like no I just don't understand I mean me and him still have sex because technically were single but just talk to other people but I do because he's my first and only and I'm comfortable with him and I don't want to rush things with anyone else I mean for some weeks in ignores him completely because she told me they were dating when we were together which he says is not true but while I was ignoring him he was begging for me back but now my feeling have changed and I don't want to be with him and I guess I hurt him by saying that after sex... And now he constantly talking about this other guy when I don't even mention him when he talking to her and I don't bring it up at all it just all so confusing to me please help? by the way he dosent call me a lot anymore and we barley speak ever since I stopped talking to him for those weeks but I figured it's because I hurt him by saying I didn't want to be with him after sex


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  • Condense this shit.


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  • Just cut him out. It sounds unhealthy. He obviously doesn't like you that much if he can't decide you and another girl. I've been in somewhat of a similar situation, but the guy and I remained friends and nothing more, eventually his ex girlfriend who again became his girlfriend, and she had a problem with us being friends so we stopped talking completely and I was fine with it. But that's because I never felt much for him anyway.


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