Do I need to let him go?

It seems my boyfriend is hiding something from me. He never invite me to his place, he doesn't want to add me on his Facebook. I treat him well as my boyfriend and I always understand even thou its really hurt and pain for me. Don't know what to do. I love him so much. I dont know if I should let him go? I know this is my fault coz my world goes around only him and then everytime he wants to see me im always available. :( He lied to me so many times but I still accept him. I still believe that he will change. :( I give him a lot of chances. It seems he wants to break up too coz he say he has lots of issue about my personality example like I know his working but I want to visit him sometimes he says to me Im very possessive with him and then I checked on his fone before I saw he still texting his ex girlfriend. Still, accept him. Dont know what to do now? I feel im really in pain and hurt! Dont know what to do if his gone? Dont know if he's still thinking of me if im gone? Dont know if I deserve him?


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  • You should let him go and work on yourself. You seem very insecure. That guy is probably cheating and he knows you'll take him back even though you were to find out. He knows that you have a soft spot for him and he will use that to his advantage. You need to learn how to love yourself. Get some self confidence. Breaking up with him and dating someone won't make any difference because the same issues will keep coming up all because you don't know what you have to offer. If you want to be in healthy relationships with decent guys, work on your self esteem. Everything else will fall in place if you have confidence in yourself.


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  • First, I'm very sorry you are experiencing such hurt. I know how it feels to be in question if you should let someone go or not. In my opinion, I do feel that he may be hiding something. There is a reason why he won't allow you in his inner circle like being Facebook friends and even being invited to his place. And since you know that your world is revolving around him, you definitely need to pick up a hobby. Do something that makes you happy and that will at least take your mind off of him temporarily. And definitely stop looking through his phone for two reasons...1) you're going to find something that you don't like 2) even if you don't find something you don't like, your gonna think he's deleting things. Its not worth it. Plus a relationship is built on trust, if you don't trust him, there is no solid, stable relationship. Oh, and one last thing, you deserve the best, so don't ever think that he's above you.

    • Very good advice.

    • Thanks for your advice. really appreciate it. So, Do you think I should keep him? :(

    • Hey, sorry for delay. I feel that you should focus on you. Do things that you love. Give him a little space and don't text or call him. Either he's gonna come back around wondering wassup with you or you're just gonna be so thrilled with doing other things that you won't even want to be bothered with him. But definitely, focus on you!

  • Really? Seriously? Dump that loser. Stat.


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