I work with my ex gf... what do I do? HELP!!!?

We both agree not to quit because we have been there for years. After one year, we had a bad argument and she broke up with me. One week later she went back with her ex who had cheated on her twice and hit her according to her.

I dont know how she could forgive him for that. Anyways, she won't admit that she's with him. I had to ask someone. It was super obvious anyways. She told my coworker she had feelings for me and she's always trying to get my attention at work.

If i move on then im the bad guy because she'll call it "over" if i give her attention then she blows me off and i boost up her ego.

What do i do?


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  • What a manipulative bitch... she's got her defense set up really well. I say fuck her and move on.

    • im trying man... its really hard when you see her almost everyday.

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