Is my ex pursuing me again or trying to string me along as a back-up?

Hey all,

so the story with my ex continues (for the prologue look into my profile)
We went on a date and we talked about light subjects, she also asked me a couple of questions like "what do you think about us, are we a closed chapter or how do you see it?" to wich I replied that I thought we both needed time to work on ourselves and that the future isn't certain. And that maybe at some point we can try something again slowly.
The rest of the date we laughed and actually had a fun time, I bantered a bit with her and she touched me ocassionaly and I would touch her hand or leg back.
At the end of the date I dropped her off, gave her a hug and a kiss on her head (I wanted to go for a kiss on the lips but i chickened out).

Then I didn't hear for 5 days from her and the sixth day she contacted me congratulating me on my new job. That same evening she said that she hoped I wasn't talking bad about her (mutual friends were teasing her a bit) and I said ofcourse not. To wich she replied "Okay, just so you know, I don't have anything negative to say about you either :)" so I said that they where just busting her chops and she souldn't pay attention to them.

I also noticed that she liked two of my comments that I posted on some Facebookstatusses from other people.

The next day she texted me again, asking me about the status of the relationship of mutual friends of ours, because they weren't together on the guys birthday. I said that from what i knew they were fine and that they celebrated his birthday together already. She then said "okay, I'm going out to an event with one of my girlfriends tonight" to wich I replied "cool, I know that one of our friends is playing there. Have fun."

I now haven't heared from her for two days, but I think she'll contact me again tomorrow, because I'm going to defend my thesis then and she knows that.

Well, I would like your opinion. What does her contacting mean (texting random stuff, liking my comments etc.)?


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  • When in doubt you're a bitch backup.


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