20 years later, why is he still driving me nuts?

Ok, I have never done this but I am going insane because I have to know. I have not spoken to my first love in almost 20 years and he found me on Facebook back in June and friend requests me. So then he starts messaging me he apologized for everything we went through and we caught up a little. In the last six months, he has been messaging me sporadically at midnight 1 2 and 3am. Asking me to talk to me or wanting to come see me. I am asleep when he messages me too I don't get them until the next morning and I respond and no answer. I have heard he is engaged. Why would he even want to message me to see me after all these years? I am going crazy trying to figure it out.


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  • Oooh, I don't think he's over you. He might be scared about getting married, but it isn't fair for him to go behind her back and keep her on the back burner while he waits to see if you'll take him back.

    • I think the best thing to do is to arrange to meet for lunch. He might be drinking late at night, and that's why he starts reminiscing.

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    • We dated for 6 years and lost our virginity together. I got pregnant in high school with his baby but I miscarried. We went through a lot and broke up right before graduation. I caught some other girl performing oral on him and it killed me. I have actually decided I don't know what he wants and I messaged him and told him not to contact me anymore

    • Oooh, so he cheated on you before, and now he's getting married and it sounds like he would cheat on her, too. I think you're really smart to tell him to leave you alone.

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  • block delete him
    he is probably messaging after his fiance or gf whatever he has is sleeping and doesn't says a thing in tthe day cause she's around or he's working


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