Why did my exs best friend try to get us back together?

Title says it all, why would an exs best friend try to get you both back together when it was the guy who ended things?


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  • He most likely did it because your ex was too afraid of what your answer would be if he asked you our himself. Your ex probably realized he lost someone he liked or loved dearly and wants you back and asked his friend to help you two get back together.

    Its either that or he's trying to play a trick on you. I recommend talking with your ex about this and see if he has fallen for you again.


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  • Your ex wants you back or your ex's friend is using that as an exuse to talk to you

  • Well, I think that they felt guilty.

    • Why would his best friend feel guilty for?

    • Wait so your exs best friend tried to get you and your ex together after he broke you two up?

    • He never broke us up

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