I wish there was an easy way of getting over someone!?

I wish there was an easy way of getting over someone. Because trying to stay busy, deleting numbers, and deleting him from
social media isn't working 😩


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  • Suicide works.

    • Whoever you are, go fuck yourself. This poor girl is going through a hard time and you a random person who is too much of a pussy to even say whom he is, is going to tell someone to kill themselves. There is something mentally wrong with you and you need to get help. People like you shouldn't be able to have access to other people. Go check yourself in somewhere if you hate yourself so much.

    • I love you too.

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  • I know it's hard. No contact is the key it does two great things, keeps your ex wondering why you aren't trying to get him back, and helps YOU heal. Cry when you need to cry and talk when you need too. Get plenty of sleep and let it take it's course.

    • No-Contact works wonders but it's what you do and say to yourself while you're in NC that really helps thing move in your direction. Say you catch yourself thinking about him or her and it bring some internal emotional tug-of-war; you tell yourself the following: I might feel that I miss the person but I don't: What I'm missing now is the relationship NOT the person. It also helps to be the in the company of friends, and it also helps to spoil yourself once in awhile for a healthy dose of self confidence. I think a combination of both will help you get through this.

    • Wow! That was totally helpful. Thank you

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  • It is gonna work. Just be patient for gods sake. I ve been there and i know it.


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