Relationship of 3.5 years. She went with best-friend, all of a sudden. Get her back?

1) wrote this on 30 Nov
I am 19. She is 18. Me and my girlfriend had a relationship of 3 and a half years. She has been by my side through hard struggles. We were mad for each other. She has actively made me give up all bad habits and she actually helped me a lot throughout the these years. We shared our social-network passwords, email accounts, even bank details and lot of things. We had nothing secret between us. No privacy between us.
Almost 3 weeks ago, she told me that she is going to tell me something after my exam that day. When I came back after exam, she told me that she has fallen in a relationship with her best friend (whom I know). It is UNBELIEVABLE. She always informed me about their relationships. I even knew their chats, messages. She shared everything. He was just a helping friend. Now, all of a sudden, how can she forget so much memories? She changed her philosophical viewpoints, being influenced by me. She was mad in love. None of our friends can believe that our break-up is EVER possible. No one, at first shot, believes that she can fall for anyone else. In fact, we both were extremely caring and possessive.
I begged, pleaded and sent mad messages. I reminded her of the unbelievably great experiences we had together. But she says she isn't going to come back. I still have her social-network password, which she knows and she did not change.

You don't know how much she loved me. She made me have a Stalin-like confidence. Now, I really can't believe. We had lot of plans and we had a cute love. No one really believes that we could separate.
Started NC, and it's going to be 3 days of it. No sign of contact from her.
2) Monday, 1st Dec -
She messaged me 6 hours ago, suddenly, "give your exams well". by the way, I have exams after 2 days´╗┐. I didn't reply. She told her friend that she expected my reply this morning. That's why she went online this morning. To see if I replied. (which I didn't)
3) Tuesday, 2nd Dec (today)

She messaged me again today. Saying,"have exams tomorrow? give your exams well". I didn't reply, I didn't read the message in fact, in FB.

4 hours later, she messaged me. She messaged in a social network, saying that she needed a pdf of a physics text. so, if i could help her and download it and send it. She didn't have net-balance in her phone (her computer got damaged last month, btw).
But she couldn't download it. She didn't. She said that the balance got finished while messaging in FB. I started sending her the pictures of the pages. But she said that it was okay and she would read that from another book.
I didn't talk much. just the contextual replies. She asked whether I had taken lunch. i didn't reply to that. she asked again after 2 more messages. i avoided and then I ended the chat after 1-2 messages. 


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  • I know it sucks to break up. I know that after so long it's hard to believe that something good could go bad. But you are both young. Do no contact and go threw the motions of the break up. It's something that is going to be hard for awhile. But if you two are meant to be together you will be together. Just do you and let what needs to, fall into place.

    • We literally changed each other and we loved each other so much. Even our friends are finding it hard to believe that she can dump me.

      Do girls really miss their ex and is there any chance she will miss me again and come back?

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    • You are NO ONE to decide whether she is a good person or not.

    • What I meant is that she isn't treating you right. Tell her how you feel and that you want to be with her. If she wants you back than good for you, if not then move on.

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  • It's not clear if she just like him or already have (...) u know what I mean
    If she like or did something its time to move on here's is the real life movies love story is rare and stand for ur pride and therse thousand girls move on


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