Broke NC. Did I make a mistake?

So about a month ago, my ex reached out to me. She said she missed me and asked to be friends. I asked if we could talk about it and she changed her mind. She said she needed to think about it. After two and a half weeks of nothing, she said that it would be too difficult to be friends because of all the drama in our relationship (she causes most of it), she had no hard feelings and we should move on and not dwell in the past. I said nothing. That was a month ago, and for some reason, I finally replied and said this:
I respect your decision. I wish you happiness and all that you seek. Take care.

If you received this, what would you think? Was it a noble message? Should I have not said anything at all? Opinions please.


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  • I might be wondering why it's coming a month later, but it's a mature response. Tells me, "Bye, no hard feelings here either."

    • Cool. ☺️ That's what it was meant for.

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    • Yikes, well glad you're both moving on.

    • Yea me too..

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  • I don't buy into the no contact stuff. If you want to contact her or she wants to contact you it's no big deal. I don't understand why it necessary to completely break all contact when you break up. I stayed in contact with every girl I ever dated.

    The messages you two sent to each other are fine. It shows you have no hard feelings. That's a hell of a lot better than couples who wind up hating each other.

    It's about self discipline. If two people keep getting back together and keep having the same problems over and over, then maybe NC is called for. But in most cases it shouldn't be needed. But you guys don't seem to fall into that category, so it all seems fine.

    • It was a six year relationship. She left three times because of her issues and told me that it wasn't my fault. She cheated on me and I did the same in return. It was a mess.

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  • They are called ex for a reason. Not worth coming back to her.

    • I have no intention of doing so, but my response was more about me being the bigger person.

    • Sounds like a competition to nowhere. Leave it be. Start dating women.

    • I already have. Actually, it's been fun and plentiful. I have however heard through the grapevine that her dating life sucks, but that's not very relevant. I feel bad about that, but that's because I care.

  • If you wanted her back, then it was a mistake.

    • I don't, but why would that be? Her email was pretty conclusive and to the point.

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    • The whole point of going No Contact is to get the girl back.

    • Yea... that's if she's not totally done with you.

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