This is for the men: can a guy go from crazy about you to not care at all?

This guy was literally crazy about me and he used to call , text me every now and then and used to be online to check up on me. I started showing interest it was going great we started dating. He introduced me to his family and the family said he can do better and rejected me. Now he doesn't want to talk to me. Last time we talked was to discuss about this i was not being mean to him or anything and he plainly replied saying not to contact him again. Now he barely comes online and doesn't even message me? How did he move on so fast? we broke up a week ago. What is going on? I am so confused?
Also before he could not stay without messaging me a single day! i am so hurt. please someone help me understand this?


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  • Ah, the family culture, I will give you the bitter truth rather than the sweet lie. I have that at the moment with my current girlfriend I brought her over to my house my dad and mom criticized me about how she doesn't suit me and I can get someone better, so I actually started rationalizing what they said and I am considering breaking up with her because my feelings started fading after realizing what they said (it wasn't serious anyway).

    This is all a matter of character and how much he values what his family says, for me I can call her up right now and tell her its over but the sex is good so I will hang on to her at the moment. Call me a jerk but I am being honest with you. It may be that you are a beautiful girl but the family might have disliked your character. So to answer your question yes he can turn ice cold towards you if he has the character for it, I know it because I do. Feel free to ask any other questions.

    • family and me never talked he just showed them my pics! by the way you need to be a man and own up to it and not use the poor girl coz it will only come back and bite you in the ass! this is really messed up would you like that if someone did that to your sis or your daughter in the future?
      how can your feelings fade away? try to convince them!

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    • okay but if she is like that then dont toy with her feelings. i know this is just to feed your ego here but trust me it hurts a lot no matter what kinda ass you're dating! its really not nice please just leave her and if you consider yourself as a bad person like how u mentioned you will teach your daughter to stay away from guys like you then you are no less than the guy who have rejected me. This is sucha loser behavior on mens part! anyways please do her a favor and leave her for good! yeah he said he dont want to break up and he even told his siblings to convince his parents and the chances are very less that the parents will say yes. His parents said i have bad teeth and i am short lol something that i dont even have. I am a dental student and i am 5'5 so I have no idea why they said that seeing my pics and rejected me based on my looks? what kinda bullshit is this? He deactivated his fb right after this incident and barely logs in on whatsap like once a day. why is he doing this?

    • Really retarded on their side, I say you are better off without them.

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  • Omg my exs mother never acceptted me because of my life style and the way i was bought up she critizied me all the time


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  • He values his family's opinion more than you. They said no, so he's gone.


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