Why is my ex acting like a immature little prick?

Okay so me and my ex were seing each other for a year and a half. These last 3 months we have been on and off. We would never go a week without speaking even when we was off. Our last off would be 2 weeks this weekend, I still have him blocked on everything, as I found out he had been checking up on me. (He ended it with me).

Anyways sometimes when he ends it he'll go on Twitter and post things to suggest other girls he's seeing (making me jealous) as he knows I check in to see how he's doing every now and then, even when we was together. I know I should stop, and I am trying too, it's just a hard habit to break I still care for him, he was my first love but I am trying to move on. And on rare occasions when I'm down about the situation I'll give in. I instantly regret it. I know there only there too make me jealous or hurt or mad, or whatever reaction he wants to get out of me.

He never used to post stuff like that when we was together & even back when he was in love with his ex 4 years who he never posted that kind of stuff. He tends to keep his private life private. So what's with him trying to hurt me or make me jealous? Is he wanting a reaction out of me? & why? He ended it with me, told me we can't be friends last time. (Mainly because we can never just be friends, the chemistry is too high between us)

His best friend just recently added me on snapchat too which is strange. I must also add we ended due to arguments and because of his past relationship he was cheated on (happened 3 years ago). He admitted he was scared off getting hurt again so he just ends up pushing me away. Things were progressing majorly between us and in a good way he got scared and pulled away which is why we argued.


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  • Sounds like the situation between my parents. I think it's him getting "satisfaction" for breaking up with him. Your best bet is to pay him no mind, better yet, act like it doesn't even bother you. Posting on sites like this translate to him that he's striking a nerve.

    • He broke up with me though. So should I be the one trying to make him jealous for what he's lost? & how some other guy has replaced him?

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  • I don't know how old post this is, but I was searching for an answer to a situation I'm going trough, and this is the same exact thing that's happening to me at the moment and I'm super pissed off with the guy!! If you ever found out / find out what it was about, please inform me, that would be very helpful :)


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  • Because you are acting like such a large mature vagina.

  • I think the answer might be because he IS and immature prick!


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