Having casual sex with a guy but starting to have feelings for his best friend?

I have been having casual sex with X for about 8 weeks now, but over the past 2 weeks I have noticed that I have feelings for his best friend. I get the impression that he also likes me (but obviously can't say anything because of his friend). I am worried that if I break it off with X, then they will both stop talking to me (because I think he has started liking me more than just friends having sex). I still want to be friends with both of them.

Should I break it off with the guy and see if anything happens with his friend? And if so, how do I do it nicely?


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  • You may run into a problem here because you will get guys like me who won't go near a girl that has had anything sexual/relationship like with their friends.

    I value my friends and their friendship is important to me, so I won't jeopardize this for a girl who has been getting slammed by my friend and now wants to ride on my disco stick.

    The only way you'll know is if you pursue the friend, but you are going to potentially destroy a friendship in the process.

    • Yeah that's what I fear, because I don't want them to fight over me and to jeopardise their relationship. But I don't want to have casual sex with his friend, I like him more than that

    • It's a messy situation and one that I'm glad I haven't been in and never will be in (the joys of not participating in casual sex), but I wish you all the best and hope you get the desired outcome you want.

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  • lol u r in a bad place
    bro code prohibits a guy from doing what you want
    so u either get him or none at all

  • If they're really best friends It won't work out. Not even a chance.

  • Uhhhh no way is a dude going to want to be with you when his best friend was hitting it first. Unless he's into swapping or something

  • "because i think he has started liking me" don't fool yourself honey. If he liked you, he would have established some sort of relationship other than fuck buddy.
    let me go on to say that there is no way i see this ending the way you are thinking.
    So you tell X you want to be with someone, then he finds out that the someone is his best friend, there's gonna be some negativity. and that depends on IF his best friend even accepts your feelings.
    I don't think there are many guys that will date a girl they know their friend has been porking for a while. they might do her too but no dating.
    Even if his best friend doesn't know, I'm sure he figured it out or X will tell him. then it goes back to the "sloppy seconds" deal. Here are your options
    -You can either continue your casual sex thing with X and disregard your growing feelings or
    -ditch em both if you want a real relationship.
    -Worst case, you can always go for a threesome.
    which ever way you look at it, no real relationship is going to happen in this zone. bad idea all round

  • Go for happiness, not just sex.

  • I smell threesome.


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