I think he broke up with me?

I've been dating him for 7 months everything was going great but this past week has been really busy for me and I haven't seen seen him all week, yesterday I told him I was going to see him and I didn't and my phone died so I didn't even called him today I woke up and he had deleted me from Facebook not blocked though, and he blocked me from his phone, I'm pretty sure it's a break up, what should I do?
So we dated again for a couple of months, but I started working out in the gym again like in the beginning of the relationship and he started getting mad because I didn't spend enough time with him so I broke it off


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  • Hunt him down and ask him to his face if you can't call him. If he is that important, then go find out what is going on.

    It began yesterday when you didn't do what you said you were going to do, nor let him know. You should have found a way. Because you didn't he is hurt and upset. So if he is that important, you need to go tell him you are sorry and you made a mistake. At the same time he over-reacted too if that is the ONLY reason he did what he did. Hopefully an apology from you will get an explanation from him and the two of you can work this out.


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  • tbh i think thats alittle clingy of him if he got pissed at u for bailing on him once. if he means a lot to u try to get him back if u really think it won't work move on its better then sticking around..


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  • WOW. I don't like saying stuff like this, but what a pussy! You don't just block someone because you are scared to break up with them, to their face! WHAT THE HECK


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  • Make it up to him! You just blew him off! Show him how much you care, if you do. He doesn't know what happened, explain to him


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