Do Men Get Over a 3year relationship in 2weeks?

Ok im now on week 2since my ex broke my heart so much he told me he no longer loves me nor have feelings for me and no longer wants to be with me
My heart melted
He told me he has fought his own emotions too say he still loves me for a couple of months and said he was tied of all our arguing... then he says he wants to focus on himself not sure which one too believe
Im just wondering does a guy get over our 3year relationship just like that?
We are both our first serious relationship we had our own place together when i first met him he was in a dark place no job on drugs no goals no life direction i met him and gave him that push too get his life on track he's now in the gym got a fulltime job and studying before our breakup we whur arguing because he never made time for me and i used to do all the house work and cleaning plus work night shifts so we barely saw each other
His mum an i never got along because he ws her only child and she just came back into his life cos she saw that he's better himself and now they are so close its like i never exsisted we fought a lot over her kos her bf off 15years broke up with her so she ws ringing her son (my ex) everyday he had been stressing about his mum she said that i should never become between them 2 but since i met him his mum had nothing to do with him due too being on drugs now he's fine she's running back to him and supporting him in whatever he does now an i feel like what we had ment nothing too him we both moved our of our place he lives at his mums an i moved bk to my country
He cut all contact with me but now we spoke once since the breakup and he seemed very happy being with his mum and living there im so upset is he even hurt by our breakup? im like dwn in the dumps snd he's carrying on like normal😞😞😞😞😞😞... he said my life dsnt stop because of us breaking up deep dwn he's a soft hearted perso
We are both in our earli 20s i feel as though he doesn't miss me or anything😞


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  • U pull him from dark place and make his life better then full time job Then he tell u these things ! I think there's something push him to take that desetion maybe

    Or he just telling u the truth he have no more emotion and that happen to me personally its hard to act u love the girl but in fact no so end up telling her need to separate

    Try to bring back the spark or time to move on

    • Omg how did u feel when u beoke up wth her? My ex cried kos he hurt me he even cried wen i lefted the country now he barely speaks too me😞😞..

    • I've tried asking him too take me back he adament that its fully over😞😞😞😞

    • I didn't feel bad too much I move on in few days bcoz I gave her 3 chances after her mistakes but she didn't learn so in the third I told her I dont have any emotion for u
      since then every now and then she want me to back to her but no chance

      If He said its fully over I think time to move on

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  • Not a chance if they tell you they have there not being honest

    • Thats what i thought but like when i spoke to him it seemed as if he's not saying much too me anymore and he's very distant

      Do you think he will be thinking of our relationship? or do guys just move on like the wind does?

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    • Yeah we went on a lot of holidays together but he deleted them all 😒😞.. I've kept mine...
      I just wanted too no from a guys point of view what goes through there mind when they dump there gfs
      I know he wanted too think about himself after all the hard work i put into him😞

      Thankyou so much so replying too my comments aswell

    • You are very welcome and I wish you the best of luck

  • I doubt he's entirely over the relationship , but at same time its clear he's trying to move on and maybe you should let him do that if that's what he wants. you can't try and force someone to be in a relationship with you


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  • yes lifes a bitch they do

    another bitch might be keeping his attention. do your thing and dont care if he comes back good otherwise then you know where you stand in his life!

    • Thankyou for ur comment
      I felt like i put my whole heart an soul into him and he just ripped me apart

    • actually i can relate to this! i recently was in a similar situation. but mine wasn't so long enough. i met this guy and we fell in love and then he decided to tell his mom about me he showed her my pics and the mom striaght up rejected me calling me ugly i am not ugly i have had better looking guys than him go for me in the past. but since his mom rejected me he was like i dont feel for it anymore so i asked my other guy friends whats up with this behavior they said that when someone close to you find flaws in the thing u like it takes your heart off it and you dont feel for it anymore so i feel like he's just trying to avoid you so that you won't be hurt more he knows that his mom wouldn't want this for him and he chose her over you! so now you know where you stand in his life! you do the same he's doing to you. this guy i was talking to he told me not to message him after his mom rejected me i should be the one mad but anyhow i didn't and since then we haven't talked!

    • Thats how i feel?
      His mum hates me from the start now i told him its ur mum too ar thyre probaly happy u lefted me he denied that but even now he's moved back too his mums...😞😞😞😞😞..
      We spoke on fb lastnght n he gt a little angry n said i can reply wen i want too like he seems happy wea he is now?

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