Will I ever meet a man thats willing too commit?

Im so sick of dating men and when everythings great for them they fall out of love and move on and leave me with the heartach!! Happens all the time im beggining too give up its hard
Just coming out of a 3yr relationship because HE gave up on us.. couldnt cope with our arguing but thats what couples do...
The bf before that cheated on me 4times after everything i helped them with
P. s im 24 turning 25 next year i dont want too be single for the rest of my life😞😞.


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  • It sounds as though you need to re-evaluate the sort of man who whom you are attracted.
    When I was your age all that I wanted in the world was one girl to love and protect, but I learned that at the first sign of serious interest females of your age run for the exit.

    • It seems as thou i always went with guys that needed help in life😞😞so i put myself with them and helped them thou the tough road they whur on then now they leave the last relationship i was in he has grown so much he's living his dream now and wth my help i felt used😞😞😞...
      Do men forget what we do for them?

    • @Asker I do not know if other men forget what women do for them. No woman has ever done anything for me, other than to break my heart and/or use me when she wanted money, somewhere to stay, or protection from her latest bad boy boyfriend.

    • Yes thats how i feel with my ex😞..
      He broke me so bad an its only been 2weeks since the breakup and we only spoke once and he hasn't bothered with me

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  • you can't say you haven't found a guy that can commit when you date that one for 3 years that was a huge commitment... it just didm't work out as for the cheater... well that's a player nothing can be done

  • Why do I hear the same BS over and over. Your going to the wrong guys and I am tired of hearing this. Oh that guy is "boring", I feel for ya a little, but it's REALLY annoying and it doesn't surprise me especially when the wall is approaching quickly (no offense). Evaluate what you want and stick with it. Don't say one thing and go after the other. A player doesn't go for long term relationships and tbh that length isn't long at all. Smh

  • Why do ladies now days go out with guys that either do t care about her but can show her a good time and can socialize better than nice guys. I'm saying this to all girls who read this. If the guy is not nice in or a gentle man in the beginning all the way through then in the end he will never be and your being used. Turn around and fetch a nice guy, yes he's predictable, and he might have good social skills and not all that affectionate but that beats having f'ed up relationships that will never las long cuz the guy never like girl in the first place. My thing for you is get a nice guy before he becomes a jerk. The age of dating had changed. Woman use man and man use woman. Only time they commit is when the guy and girl is ready.

  • Yes try Christian Mingles


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  • Don't feel alone, I was in the same relationship that lasted about 5 years. I feel like its so hard trying to find the right young man. I dated a boy and now he's my ex he was so afraid to commit, I mean literary. I was always the one doing all the work in the relationship while he was just sitting back drinking of course. You'll find the right person though I know you will. Some guys that are afraid of commit can be known as players of course. I hope you find the right person someday. I want a serious relationship in the future, and committed one of course. I always get left doing all the work, that's not the kind of relationship I want to be in. Maybe don't give in so quickly and get to know men before you decide that you want to be in a relationship with him.

    • Omgg so u understand me finally someone does😞😞😞
      Wen u broke up with ur ex did he ever remember what we did for them? Im finding it hard too gt pass its bn 2weeks since the breakup😞😞😞
      We spoke once an thats it its like he dsnt care now his lifes great

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    • Some people just change like my ex did, so I don't talk to him I'm not friends with him whatsoever.

    • Don't chase him, if he wants you he'll come to you, don't chase love.

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