Y ex want to see me for my birthday. And he has a girl?

My ex and I broke up because we argrued to much about his insecurities. It was a bad break up too. We haven't spoke in a month after I heard when we broke up he started talking to another girl at his job. So that made everything worse. So a month after we broke up I had grown up a lot and I realized that I didn't want to hate him and feel angry with him we were each others first love and everything else. So I called him and he told me he couldn't wait for the day we spoke. He said he didn't want to call me because he thought I would be ruse and mean. But that wasn't the case. So he td me he talks to the same girl and that he misses and always gone love me. And he also said he wants to see me for my birthday. But he has somebody. And he wants to see me tomarow. We been on and off for 2 1 / 5 years. He also asked me questions about who I be talking to and be wanting to no the name. We never cheated in each other he just had problems with me being friends with other guys. That he no doesn't like me and have ladies already. I really miss him too


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  • Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up and that it's Good-bye, my love forever. And with an "EX" who still Marks his X in your soft spot, More often having motive in mind and if give Opportunity-------He misses and always gone love me.
    It has only been a Month of Mondays, sweetie, since the 'Bad breakup.' It's obvious you both haven't even begun your beguine of licking any war wounds that were left behind from the War of the Roses that ended up going down a badly beaten path. And then on a whim and a prayer and a Rebound to boot, he already 'Has somebody.'
    You both have had problems, it's been touch and go for '2 1/ 5 years.' And now that you are broke up, he is more or less telling you he wants his cake and eat it too. He is starting up something with this girl he has been talking to and at the same time, who knows, he may even want a friends with benefits factor with you because he can't seem to let the past go, and wants You and Her and maybe someone else in his life down this rough road... it sounds like it could get very complicated and messed up... he has these 'Insecurities' about you 'Being friends with other guys,' yet he has the nerve to tell you about This newbie and Yet, want to show up at your door as though this were a Big surprise.
    It's your choice, your call, Your Special day, sweetie, whether or not you want him to come knocking. However, seeing him again, face to face, could end up to be Not a gift But---------A package deal you may regret getting involved in, should you even just look into his eyes. He is already asking about your business, treating it as though it were his own. Where it goes from there is something you need to ask yourself.
    However, don't end up being in a Triangle Threesome, where you are at the top, looking down, from side to side at him or Any------Ladies already.
    Good luck... Happy birthday. xx

    • Thanks.. ino what what I have to do.. I just didn't no how to do it. He was my everything

    • Yes, I know it's the heart that beats us down the most... I always leave everything in God's hands...:)) xx

  • if it's possible to be just friends with him, then do that. If you guys can both be adults and nothing is going to happen then it seems like a good idea. Just don't let anything happen and don't think back on old times. Leave it in the past.

    • But he is my love it's hard getting over him because he was my first everything.. but I dnot want to be with him. I probably just want to marry him.. we are only 19 and 20.. N why is he trying to see me if he has a gf

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    • Yea ino... I didn't just won't to throw everything away. We no everything about each other.. he was the father of my angle we lost.. he no how I feel he wants to be friends we just can't let go..

    • You may not want to let go but you should. He is with someone else, he's not with you because he left. Nothing good will come from this friendship if you feel that way towards him. It'll be hard, but you have to do that for yourself. There's a reason he is with her and not with you. At the end of the day it isn't you he comes home to, it's her. You guys won't be respecting their relationship if you continue.

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