Guys and girls Am I guilt tripping him as he says?

My ex and I are slowly trying to work things out recently I told him if he was to see a girl somewhere who was trying to hid on him what wld he really do? (Since we aren't together) he said whatever he wld want me to do than smiles I'm like whatever. . I said well you know if you ever choose someone else remember my kisses and everything with it because once you go over there I'm done and your going to miss it.. he said "ughh stop with the guilt tripping" i told him I'm not.. he said i am.. am I? *i get people are wondering if we are exs but like I said we are working things slowly it's progress


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  • You're kind of saying: "if you leave me and find someone else you're going to regret it and miss me." It's technically not guilt tripping. That is to make someone feel guilty, especially in order to make them to do something. In a way he could be feeling like you're trying to get him to just stay with you by warning him that he'll regret it later.

    • Yeah I see what you mean I really wasn't trying to warn him which he probably did feel that way.. but I was simply just trying to make him realize right now that what we do he should always value it because if he's not careful and chooses somebody else over me I dont want him to come back once he realizes i was the best he ever had.. because I truly love him

    • Like if I'm a good kisser as he says.. miss that

    • I get what you mean, just explain to him what you mean.

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