Text to maybe get the ex back?

I sent this text to my ex after we spoke last night: I want to be in your life as your gf u r my friend and lover & I want to be with you. You know I am not desperate its that we ar so good togehter we r passion and comfort we fit. Our friends want us happy and we were happy together can be again. You told me u loved me and I you feelings don't just stop- take time and space and this about it I will too.
His response was "I will" negative or positive?


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  • I think it's positive. A negative response would've been either no response or something like, "Sorry, but I still don't think we're meant to be together."

    However, it really depends on the nature of your breakup. Did you split up because of a difficult but fixable problem, like cheating or growing apart? Or was it because one of you was unwilling or unable to make a sacrifice for the other, ie having kids or relocating? If it were because of one of the latter reasons, his "I will" might be giving you false hope. If his stance or feelings haven't changed and he still thinks you two aren't supposed to be together, he could have just been saying "I will" to be polite. But if you've talked about getting back together and he's considering it, I'd say it's a positive response. Good luck. :)

    • We went to fast too quick and both of us freaked out he got distant and I ran. Its been a couple months and we have been seen each other a few times during these months.

    • Has he started to date other women? If not, he likely misses you and wants to work things out. When you see each other, do you have a great time together? Or is it awkward/weird? Do you fight? Again, if you have fun together, that's a great sign that your relationship isn't totally over. Give him a couple days to think about what you said and then tell him you hope he feels the same way about you. Maybe tell him you're happy to take things slowly from now on and that you don't want there to be pressure on either one of you.

    • No he isn't dating and no we don't fight - He does know I had a few people interested in me tho, but I told him its only been him since we met. I hope your right

  • I think you should take the face value. He will think, or he may think, but the final thought isn't clear yet. I'd be prepared for all kinds of results.

    Actually myself is struggling if I should contact my ex for second chance. I don't know if I just text straight out of my intention, or start with more gentle approach such as I saw a movie blabla -- he will get my intention anyway, but not too stressed to respond. It's just hard when you care about him. Be prepared and love yourself anyway.

    • honestly, I couldn't even get him to meet in person. so I might vote for some chance he will take a serious thought

    • I mean, you might have better chance your ex will take a serious thought.

  • Just give it time


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