Calling all the guys who's been hurt?

Okay so me an this guy I was seeing for a year and a half ended things with me. We've been on and off but I still think he has feelings for me.

His ex who was his first love cheated on him 3 years ago. Which he has never really gotten over. He admitted this to me when he ended it the first time & opened up and said he was just scared of getting hurt again, as I'm the first girl since the split he's actually genuinely really liked. Things were getting serious at this point and he was pushing me away.

Things ended badly between us. We both hurt each other. I regret it. He said we can't be friends because we can't JUST be friends. The chemistry is too much for us. He said he's seeing someone else after a week of us ending in an argument. (Not sure how true) I ended up blocking him on everything. I still love him & care for him.

Is there any chance he will realise how much he's fucked up and come back? We did argue in the end a lot, but that was due to him pushing me away.


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  • there may be a chance. the problem I see with him, and which should preclude you from dating him, is that he still hasn't gotten over the betrayal in previous relationships. you can't carry that bag into other relationships, it's essentially like trying to drive a car on three flat tires. sure it may work but it will be incredibly painful. this guy needs to sort things out within himself mentally before he can ever expect to be in a healthy relationships

    • Thing is he's apparently jumped into a new relationship so soon. Is this a rebound?

    • he's rebounding constantly. no offense but you were sort of a rebound. he is jumping into relationships trying to sort of move on but not actually getting over the original pain.

      to make a correlation, it would be like pulling a hamstring in sports. but before the hamstring heals you go out and play and re-aggravate it. taking a game off and then jumping back on the field again before the injury has healed.

    • I know I wasn't a rebound as his ex happened 3 years before me & he had been with other girls before me. (Nothing as serious though). I get what you mean about the hamstring thing, it's a pretty good comparison.

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  • Are you sure that's the reason he broke things off? Has he even given you the chance ever to reassure him or help him? Yes I've been hurt similarly in the past but I would certainly want to work on my problems in a relationship rather than give up.

    • That and the arguments

    • If you tried already to help him and offer your support then there's not much else you can do. You can only offer to help him through his trust issues, it's then up to him.

  • He might come back, its just really hard to trust someone when the person you should be able to trust the most screws you over. It just messes with your mind and you feel like it will happen again.

    • He did get jealous in the end but would never admit too it. I didn't mind, a little bit of jealousy showed he cared and I knew why he was like that. He keeps trying to reappear in my life & make me jealous & mad over social media?

  • Nope, a victim is a victim.


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