Why after a breakup with someone do we always forget the bad about them and raise them on some pedastool?

I just got out of a relationship that I was unhappy with. But now I think how nice her body was, how pretty she was, or how maybe things were my fault. But while in the relationship I thought otherwise


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  • I don't do that. I'm a realist, and I remember how bad it was.
    There's no use thinking about how good it "could have been", because it wasn't that good and never would be.


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  • I can relate. I broke up with someone because I felt strung along and think about all of the good things but my friends and family were telling me he was lying to me and I knew it but didn't want to believe it. I think because we want to believe that we didn't waste our time or miss what is familiar and comfortable. Getting back together isn't the answer. Try to stay busy and let it go.

  • I don't just think of the bad but also the good after breaking up. I never have put one of my exes on a pedestal.


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