How can I trust her again?

I discovered my wife had an affair while we were dating with one of her college professors. Evidently it went on for a few months and he broke it off. She was devastated and I only found out after we got married years later. She had saved all their emails which I discovered and she wouldn't admit it until I confronted her with the evidence.
I managed to put that behind us, but it was incredibly painful.

I recently discovered my wife had sent inappropriate text messages to her best friend about a male coworker. My wife was making jokes about how she would have sex with him, etc. She also admitted in those messages that this male coworker had told her she has a great ass while they were joking at work and very inappropriate stuff. She says she would never act on this and she apologized saying it was wrong and she should have never joked around about it.

How can I trust my wife again? I've told her stuff like this crushes me and she apologized and promised not to do it again. I feel paranoid now that she will chest again.


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  • I feel like she would do it agen. Maybe she will do it agen cuz thats to different guys


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  • "joked"... from the abundance of the heart speaks the mouth. Every thing we say has a sliver of truth in it, in my opinion once a person has cheated the probability of them doing it again is high. How can you trust her again. well to trust is to love. once you love someone you're exposing the most vulnerable aspects of yourself, that is the same with trust, its based on the faith you have in that person. If you can't trust her it'll be like a cancer eating away at you.


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