She said she still likes me but is too busy for a relationship right now. Will she come back afterwards?

Yesterday my girlfriend broke up with me, saying that she is going to be too busy to be in a relationship for a while and that she felt it wasn't fair to me that I wouldn't get to hangout with her that often. I replied by saying that I would wait for her and be ok with not getting to see her that often but still be together. She then replied saying she was sorry and that this was the best thing to do like it was a mutual breakup but really it wasn't and unfortunately, like I always do, I spewed out all my emotions at her (none of them were angry) but I pretty much begged and said that this could still work out but she was so persistent on breaking up even though she said she still really liked me. What's really going on? Will we get back together when she's not as busy anymore?


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  • Oh please. Move on, buddy. I've seen girls drop this a thousand times. They never go back, and they always find someone else. If she really liked you, she'd carve time out for you, if only just a little.

    • So what might the real reason be for the breakup?

    • Who knows and who cares. If she doesn't care enough about you not to lead you on, she's not worth your time.

  • She probably likes you/cares for you and wants to be you friend some day but she isn't ready or doesn't want to be with you now.
    She wants to go out and date other people and find out what she wants.
    If you are a strong man you will appreciate that. Go out and do the same! Enjoy!
    If you continue to be friends maybe you'll both find each other again.
    If not and you both move on you'll have a good friends who have history together. She's being honest, you be strong even when it hurts:(
    Good luck


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