Why did she she break up with me over something so insignificant?

I was seeing this girl for about two months and my attraction and dedication for her never once wavered. I work two jobs and go to school so naturally, it's harder for me to have a social life. She seemed pretty understanding at first until the time came where I passed out from 'exhaustion' and missed her call. I had worked a full day and was running on 3 hours of sleep from studying all night for finals coming up. We talk for a few hours every night before we go to bed because we can only see each other twice a week.

I get a text the next morning saying, "If you didn't want to talk anymore at night you could've just told me rather than ignoring me like a child. Sorry i'm just a distraction in your life."

I spam called her immediately and texted her explaining the situation but she never responded. Its been a week now and I'm going out of my mind. She blocked me on Facebook and everything so I'm pretty sure it's over. I just don't understand her logic right now. Why would she get so mad over skipping "one" night talking to her? It's not like I purposely blew her off and it was just a phone call. I don't get it. I'll apologize over and over if she'd let me but it seems like she won't even accept an apology.

What should I do?
P. S. sorry about the spelling mistake in the title question. Didn't mean to add the extra "she".


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  • This is indeed a frustrating issue. A few thoughts:

    1) when you finally get to talk to her don't tell her that is was just "one" night. Obviously those nights are crazy important to her.
    2) she is either really immature or has been really hurt before
    3) I am not sure from the above if you have literally gone to her house and waited. If not go do it and talk to her in person. Tell her you understand how important those nights are, they are important to you Tell her that you were that exhausted that you fell asleep even though you couldn't wait to talk to her. Tell her that next time, you will not get into a prone position until you have either texted her or at least called her. But ask her to understand that at times you are so tired, the best you can do is say "I am home. I miss you. I am exhausted."

    Hopefully if she is mature enough she will get this and come back. if she can't understand the above you don't need her anyway.


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