What should I do to get him back? Should I give him space or talk to him more often?

I'm going to be straightforward, the point is, we weren't engaged, but we were planning to get married in the future and we already discussed this, but then he canceled it by saying he was sorry but he didn't think it was going to work out and that he was sorry that he was canceling our plans for the future. However, we decided to remain friends or best friends, we texted a bit and I said I loved him, he said the same and said he wished I was there with him, he promised. The problem is, he is the love of my life, and I cannot allow for him to slip out from my fingers. My friend said the reason he left me was because I did not show my love for him enough and that I should text him often so that he does not forget about me. Its not very hard to tell that he either is or was very deeply in love with me. It has been two weeks since we broke it off and about a week since he said I love you. I want to know from a guy's perspective, does he still love me most-likely, what are my chances of getting him back and what steps should I take towards asking me to marry him again and staying this time. Also right now should I give hims space or talk to him more often? by the way, he's Asian and men from these cultures don't usually tell a girl they love her unless they have very strong feelings for her.


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  • Never chase anyone, if you love something let it go if it comes back then it's yours

  • My boyfriend and I were exactly in the same stage of our relationship. Your boyfriend is thinking about marriage and anxious about making it happen.
    They also have fears. I suggest you show him that you don't wanna lose him. But don't overdo it. You just have to make him feel that you are always there for him. He loves you and he's just confused about things. I'm sure he thinks a lot about marrying you. Men usually has this fear when they come to this point of there life. Marriage is a BIG BIG word. Although the love is there, it's always never an easy to decision. Be there for him, that's what he needs the most right now.

    • Thanks, I hope things work out the way you want them with your boyfriend.

    • I hope so too.
      And I hope you will be able to get him back.

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