Never give up on love even if it meana losing everything?

Me and my ex gf were forced too break up by her mom over a small phone n Facebook fight. After i tried everything too win her back but was so stress out was dealijg with my baby sister all most dying from cancer n a gf crying everyday but doing nothing about it i made a few mistakes tried taking too her dad but failed. Now my ex has a new bf she's some what happy since she can go on dates witg him n have a normal life but said she feels like a booty call with him. Not going to go into details but they did not have sex yet but things got so bad that me and my ex gf stop talking but i feel she still might love me when ever we talk she breaks down n crys even when i dont talk. Anyway i suck at explaning thing but i want too go ask her too marry me at collage should i? She once said she wants too marry me n if her mon never got in the way we would have worked things out but am not happy anymore n miss her so much i have not seen her once since the broke up. Ok let me know what u think and i want too ask her onthe 24th the day we had our first kiss and find me on YouTube for more info made videos about it. Formativebadge is my utube enjoy your day n sorry for any spelling errors n my ex is 20 years old am 22
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What Girls Said 1

  • Sounds like you need to let go... You can't hang on to someone like that
    If someone really loved you enough they wouldn't let their "mom" or anything else stand in the way. Secondly, no relationship should cause you to lose everything
    That isn't healthy and there are so many women out here..
    Quite frankly I think anyone who wants to get married at your age is crazy.

    • My 18 year old step brother is married dont take the everything too heart its just a saying but not ex moving on from something that waa forced they would not let me see her at all even forcd her too block me on Facebook but thats her mom n dad and she has no where too go if they kick her out but her home life is not very heathy. And yea am going her too marry me but its more of a promise too get married in 5 years from now. Just really hard she come too me over Facebook not so long agin crying about her new bf sleepm but sje told me a lot she feels there's nothing she can do hearing hee guy every night was the had part am just trying too get her to see there is something she can do. N does not have too date someone that treats her like a sex objected just becuase her mom n dad like him. But i really dont know what to do... only been a little over 4 months n its been hell

What Guys Said 1

  • She got a new bf; sounds like say she already let you go. You need to do the same.

    • Yea but was not reallt fair forcing ua too break up but i know my ex well after all her breaks ups she all ways jumps into dating someone new so she does not have too be in pain but all ways ends up broking up with the new guy fast. Its just hard too move on when i neven even got too see her but it was not too long agin when she come too me crying about her new bf then flirt with me cryied too sleep but i pushed her away needed space

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