My break up was not as easy as I thought it would be! It was amicably, but I miss him!!

My boyfriend and I just recently broke up. We both agreed that it was the " right " thing to do! We've only been dating 6 months, but we immediately fell for each other. About a month before we broke up, he started to fill me into more details about his life, children and ex wife. I knew he had issues with his ex wife, but I didn't know much. To make a long story short, his ex wife gave him custody of one of their children. He's a great father and has always provided and been there for his kids.
He took a sudden change, which to me was really strange. He told me he had to get his life together. He lives alone, but he told me he was moving in with a family member to save money and so his child could go to a better school. I found this weird, because why move out if you're getting your child back and both go live with a family member? I STILL don't understand that! He told me that I deserve way better and that I could do much better than him. I agreed and told him to figure out his life and that he was in no state of mind to be in a relationship. He still wanted to stay in touch and asked if I would want to go out with him every once in a while. He still wanted to keep me around. I said no! Once it's over, it's done with. He went on about how he's coming back to me and how I've been the best thing to walk into his life in a long time. I made it clear that I was not going to be a part time fling, friend or anything and that it was not fair to bring me into his life full of uncertainties.
After the conversation, we hung up and he's gone completely cold. No text, no calls, nothing! I figured that if he really loved or even cared about me or what we had, that he'd at least try to make a small effort to see how I'm doing or feeling. I've heard nothing. I refuse to reach out to him, just simply because the way everything turned out was really weird and it does not make sense. We went from totally happy to nothing in less than a week! I don't get it.


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  • This is a classic case of the woman logic "no means yes".

    You literally told him "don't talk to me. If we aren't dating I don't want anything" but are saddened he doesn't o against your desires and completely disrespect your wishes entirely to try and talk to you.

    Don't tell a man no when you mean yes. He's going to take the no and move on if he has any respect for you as a person.

    • Everything happened so fast and I had no time to even think. Either way, it's those cases that are more harmful, in the long run, than good. Thanks- great feedback

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  • It doesn't sound wanting to be in a better position to care for your child, even if that means moving in with a family member. He was honest enough to tell you he needed to get his life back together, & to see where you stood. You kinda made it apparent you were gonna bail on him. Nothing more needs to be said.

    • Doesn't sound weird*

    • Yeah, you're right! I was just put in a tough position that I've never been through. Thanks

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