Why is life so unfair at times?

My ex gf told me no other guy had ever fought more than me to keep her by their side or to keep her happy. She told me I was the greatest thing to happen to her... Yet she left me from one day to another without any heads up for someone else... She is happy with him and im here by myself heartbroken and in pieces, everyone won here expect me cause im the only one alone she has him, he has her and I got nothing but tears and a broken heart. I miss her and wish she would come back, I genuinely loved her...


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  • She did you a favor by leaving you.. Someone better is out there for you:) And if she does come back around don't give her a second chance.. Her loss.


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  • Oh, shame...
    It will be okay,
    You will feel better
    Maybe she didn't deserve your kind heart
    Wipe it tears away and realize how much ur worth,
    I don't know what to say to make you feel better, but it will take time.
    Just wipe those tears away, do something that will take ur mind off this for now.

    (= hope u feel better soon,😐

  • I'm am so sorry this happened to u. As trite as it sounds the door has closed on this but who knows what could be around the corner, maybe something better

    • I hope it is someone better, thank you your advice really helps (:

  • Aww I'm sorry to hear about your break up... just give yourself some time and things will get better. I promise.

    • Thank you so much (:

    • You're welcome and I hope you feel better soon. You'll find someone who's worth your time.

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  • She left you for another guy, which means she likely cheated on you. Fuck that bitch & anyone like her, the other guy can have her. Only one making you feel that way is you. Cowboy the fuck up, dust yourself off, & move on to something & someone better.
    & FYI, girls don't give a fuck about guys in pain like that. Keep it to yourself. Use it. It'll serve you better that way.

  • Aw, don't worry, maybe someone would be more better than that bitch. Just don't give up on finding the right person. Life can be shitty sometimes, but God is just leading us to the right path for the right future!


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