Why won't my ex leave me alone for good?

Okay so me and my ex have been on & off since October. (He's the one that always comes back after a week or so).

We had a massive argument 2 weeks ago & I blocked him on everything. Still is to this day (I thought maybe by blocking him he'll be able to leave me alone. He was after all the one who ended things between us.)

But now he's got his friends involved adding me & getting them to check up on me. He's also been writing tweets to try make me jealous (to get a reaction out of me). Why won't he leave me alone if he no longer wants me (even as a friend) and is now seeing a new girl (his rebound). Yet he said he still misses me & hasn't 'replaced' me.

Our relationship ended due to him being scared too commit after he was cheated on in his last relationship, he began to push me away which is why he ended things with me the first time. (He explained this.) arguments became a factor during our on/off period.

Why won't he let me leave his life? I'm finding it very difficult moving on because he was my first love & I do still care about him. But the stress off it all is making me ill


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  • Just ignore every attempt of his. Act like it doesn't matter at all and don't let him get to you.

    • I have been. I haven't unblocked him, had a go at him, spoke to him or even made any hints on Twitter that he's annoyed me. But why is he doing this?

      I don't know if it was just coincidence or not but he posted song lyrics from the same band I posted lyrics for...

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    • You'd think. But maybe you're not as devastated as he wants you to be.

    • He knows the break up was hard for me. He practically rubbed his new 'rebound' in my face. I don't get why he's being so spiteful & angry at me. Why he can't just leave it all in the past if he has truly moved on like he says he has.

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  • he sounds really immature. my ext does this to me to and "punishes" me when I find someone new. It's a really controlling think like they don't want you to be happy, very territorial, does not mean he wants to get back with you. I'd move on and never look back to this abusive relationship. He's not even being a friend


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