How not to think about the pink elephant?

you know what happens when you try to force your brain not to think about a pink elephant? exactly, you picture the pink elephant. the more you try to forget about the pink elephant, the pinker the elephant in your mind.

so this pink elephant broke my heart, and I have to move on because I think I'm losing my mind and obsessing way too much.

but then I bump into the pink elephant randomly on the street.

and then I go out in town with the girls, and I meet the pink elephant holding hands with his new elephantee.

and then I run into some old aquintance and they ask me "how pink are things between you and your elephant?"

and then I date other colorfull animals, and all I see is that they aren't pink enough or aren't elephantly enought, and then I go back and think about my pink elephant.

and then I listen to a song, and it reminds me of my pink elephant.

and then, I drink a glass of water. you know who else drinks water in order to survive? exactly, the pink elephant.

now what do I do?


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    Eat one of these.

    While you are chewing think as hard as you possibly can on this elephant. Keep thinking. Think until you can think no more. Write poems, and lists, and other things about them. Draw them a picture. Do everything your little hands and do for this elephant for one whole day.

    When you are done you will be done.


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  • That's what happened to me. I know its slightly horrible, but I went into no contact. Killed me.
    I have a hard time meeting guys. Even though I'm told I don't know how pretty I am, I am very socially awkward, weird... but that one guy loved it... understood, found it sexy blahblahblah

    So I put on makeup every day, changing it up often, uploading selfies or me doing cool /fun stuff on social media so he can see, snapchat works best if he's into that, upload to your story DONT send him stuff directly no matter how drunk you get in no contact.

    Focus on yourself. Exercise. Find a new hobby or go back to one you were maybe "too busy" for while you were dating.

    Watch hits on Netflix.

    At least "looking" happy and strong even if you miss him to your ex will make you more attractive. Flaunt a rebound guy. It'll probably work like how it did for me. Guys are territorial. He may not try to talk to you with a new bf, but if time heals pain you may have caused him then he may talk to you when you are available. I hope this helps, not much bg info in your post.

    • thank you for sharing.

      seems like a good plan, I try to fill up with activities every day to keep me distracted, but at the end of the day I still feel hopeless and get really sad.

      did your plan work for you? or are you still working on it?

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    • Mine is in this ex's case was in my solar plexus chakra. I'd envision my ex's energy, lies, deceit radiating in this area and I'd move it in a tight ball and push it out of myself.

      I also learned it's bad to be in your ex's space, this is when you think about being with him or you are wondering about his new relationship. You're only adding fuel to your own fire especially if he is wanting to put you on the back burner right now. If you on the other hand think about positive things, like you wishing him well, that is different. I'm not sure if we share mildly the same beliefs, but this is what helped me.

      If you aren't spiritual in this way, I'd say just change yourself for the better, live your life. if it's in your heart he'll come back. You never want to force things to re-emerge because the past is done. If you force it you are more than likely grown out of this blueprint in this time frame in your life. I know it's hard to hear and I myself am learning to grasp this.

    • Another piece of advice I can give you is to not let yourself grow bitter. You're not going to die alone if you put yourself out there. Love is best found while not looking. Everyone is different and copes differently. For me I get piercings or tattoos and once it's done I picture it as a heartbreak or milestone frozen in time, not to be dwelt on but to be remembered with a smile and know my lessons learned. I also go shopping which is terrible lol I also maintain good relationships with my friends and go out with the girls, have fun, post it on social media... my mistake a couple times was being too ratchet and i'm sure I ended up looking bad to my ex haha

      I wish you luck as well, feel free to keep me posted if you need anything else :)

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  • IF he broke your heart he's not that great. And if you think he still is you need some self esteem.


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