I'm missing her so much.

I was in relationship wid this grl
Now we r jst frn only frn
Bc of some reason
Bt now i am missing her
And listening songs
(Take me to your heart by MLTR)
(I wish i was ur lover by Enrique)
(Reason by hoobansak )
(Let her go by passenger )
(November rain by guns and roses)
( bed of roses by bon jobi)

what do u think now
Am i Alright?


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  • Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up and it's Good-bye, my love forever...
    parting, imchocolateboy, may have been sweet sorrow, but count your blessings that you both can at least Be friends at this time and that you didn't end up two ships that passed in the night and with This----Fair weather friends with an end.
    Give this some time, sweetie. She may be just saying this right now to take this time during a 'Relationship' she was Once in with you, to lick her wounds and find herself and with This, she might also discover that Absence makes the heart grow finder and she misses the kisses and the history you used to share together.
    It's not over until the fat lady sings, as you have most likely heard here. And it's not 'Over' just yet until some sands of time has gone by and Mother Nature says it is time to either re-reap your romance or to move on, my friend... that it was just meant to be true blue friends to the end.
    Good luck. xx


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