My heart is aching more than I can handle?

I was feeling really terrible earlier, then I got a little better, distracted.
but now, I don't know what to do with my time and I'm missing him more than I can handle.


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  • It's never more than you can handle. You will get through this. The only real solution is to give yourself some time to explore your feelings, cry, hit a pillow, scream, listen to mopey music. But only give yourself 30 minutes to do this. Then clean yourself up, and go take a run. Put on some loud, fast music, and run as fast as you can until you drop. That physical release will help. Then occupy yourself with things that make you happy.

    • Ok, thanQ, but once I start crying, it goes on and on. But anyway... do u answer every question here on gag, cause all the questions I ask, or answer, I see u there, lol

  • Whatever you do dont tlisten to sad songs, it never works out. As soon as u get a thought of him simply think of something else, well at least try :) i know i used to get sad when my relationships would end but now i know they ended for a reason bc i found someone waaay better and im extremely happy with her. The right one is coming trussssst me. I thought i was happy in my last relationships but dang i was wrong cause im so happy right now. Goodluck :)


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