Is it okay to contact my ex?

So I've started seeing somebody new. When me and my ex broke up I rebounded into a bad relationship (with new guy number 1) & in the end the guy told me he felt like I wouldn't open up to him emotionally and wouldn't tell him how I was feeling. Well I'm now seeing new guy number 2 (not a rebound) & want to know if my ex thought the same as new guy number 1 so that I can better myself for new guy number 2 and be more considerate of that.

Is it okay to text him & ask whether he felt I was emotionally there for him & if he felt I opened up to him about my feelings?

I'll make this clear, I really like new guy number 2, like REALLY REALLY like him. He ticks all my boxes, which is why I want it to work. So this isn't about getting my ex back. We are done & haven't spoken since. I'm over him.


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  • I think that's an incredibly stupid idea. You don't need someone to tell you how you are. You should recognize if you are not open. Also people are different with one person to the next. I was guarded with some boyfriends and I'm completely open with my boyfriend now. Because we have a deeper connection.


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  • Don't open that can of worms. He is your ex, sweetie, you can't keep looking to him to give you any kind of reassurance. That's unknowingly not only giving him power over you, but it's also making you TOO emotionally available for him.

  • You just stated in your question that you started seeing someone new, so why would you try to contact your ex to see how he is doing? If he hasn't reached out to you at all then I wouldn't even bother you. Aren't you happy in your current relationship, you don't need to know how your ex is doing. He is your ex for a reason. He might think that you are trying to get back with him or something and he may feel led or what not. Let him be he is your ex, you are no longer with him. Don't open that wound back up, leave it alone.

  • No I don't think that would be a good idea because your EX is going to think your trying to get back with him. And plus you probably matured since your relationship with him.


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