Communication with an ex after breaking up. Opinions?

Have you heard of the quote that goes "Keeping in touch after a break up is like saying 'the dog is dead but we can still keep it'." Would you agree with that saying? Any good reason to back up your opinion?

I asked this because in most occasions it is significantly harder to move on while still having considerable amount of contact with your ex, particularly for long term relationship that might have proceeded to a marriage.


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  • Its difficult I wouldn't ay in possible to stay in touch with an ex. I tried being friends with one of my exes after about break up that was about 9 months ago. But I was just like this isn't going work, because I didn't want to catch feelings for him and I didn't want to get attached. So I decided that he and I just let the break up be and see other people and I moved on. It takes time for the healing to be done, especially if you still have feeling for them. It should be a long time of no contact before the two of you proceed in being just friends and not a couple anymore. But i honestly couldn't do it, so I just don't talk to my ex at all. It just felt weird and I was like I can't do this, so I just moved on.

    • Been doing the same thing for the past few relationships.

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    • Still, 'resting' from relationship after a breakup is always a good thing. It would be a good chance to contemplate trying to get back together or simply just being fair to the next relationship.

      I tried being friends twice. I ended up not talking to my exes that way, I ended up reminscing the relationship with resentment and it took a while to move on. I hated those times. I got to the conclusion to do this zero contact policy after those relationships and it works so far.

      But then again. What works for me might not work for others.

    • Yeah I hear you I tried being friends with mine once but it never worked so I moved on with my life and kept doing what I normally doing. For some it's difficult for others not so much.

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  • It is hard if not impossible to move on if you stay in touch. I tried to stay friends with a few of my ex-boyfriends and in the end it escalated with all of them to the point where we stopped talking completely. I am not saying it's impossible to be friends with an ex eventually, but it takes time. In my opinion, there has to be a long phase of no contact at all before two people who were once a couple can even begin of being friends.

  • Yes! Having the ex in the way is annoying


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