My ex is done with the rebound now what?

Me and my ex boyfriend dated for 6 years. We were close we loved eachother very much, we were also first loves. Everything was going good until he came back from college and wanted to be free, 2 days before he breaks up with me over The phone he tells me he loves me and that he doesn't want to break up. Then he dumps me without telling me why just giving excuses, he tells me 2 weeks later he is seeing someone, then a couple weeks later they are dating, they dated for 1 month now they are done, what is he doing I'm confused by all this. Now doesn't he have to deal with 2brekups? They say people that go into rebound relationships are hurt by the breakup how is he hurt he left me, abandon me hurt me, is he realizing now that I am for him and made a mistake? Could he be missing me? I just don't understand why he is doing this to himself I wish I could help and comfort him, should I talk to him or leave him be?


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  • He could be and heck maybe you are meant to be, here is my advice just take it slow if you guys try to start up again. He broke it off so make sure he knows very clearly he has to WORK to fix it. You are young and have plenty of time. Its always better to take it slow and safe in these situations than fast.

    • Yes I agree so how should I start off try talking to him?

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    • Those are both very good signs if you ask me and I also think you plan is good. You have bet money on this for 6 years and he is more unstable now than ever so you have to be very careful not to get your hopes up. Live your life and be open to him when he wants you and if things happen they happen.

    • Thank you I will try my best

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