How long does it date exes to miss exes?

if i ignore my ex girlfriend completely wold she come around.. how long does it take an ex to truly miss some 1


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  • okay... what if someone ignore u? would u fall in love with that person or one who gives you love and attention..
    please stop this ignoring thing and grow up...
    if u want her, go and talk to her
    who cares if you seem pushy or needy.. ya all of us are humans and we need love
    all of us are needy and desperate for love and real relationships
    ignore them and assume that they will respect u this
    my ex is ignoring me and i am losing respect for him gradually... if u want the same, go ahead and ignore


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  • LMAO you can't make them miss you. She's probably having the time of her life sitting on other people's faces not even thinking about you.

    The best you can do is cave dude, because she's probably moving on.

  • A few days


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