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I've just ended a secret affair with a man who has a child and gf and another baby one the way !! I had no idea she was pregnant ! He told me he wasn't happy ! I felt angry and told him I would tell his gf about us anc I had her phone number and showed him I had it ! All he said was do what you feel is best and and I would still like you if you do this. What the hell is he on about? If it was opposite around I would go mad and try to defend my gf from getting hurt? ! . I haven't told his gf I've let him go , why didn't he defend her? And why still say he would still like me? Is this weird?


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  • He sounds like a pretty selfish guy that is only out for himself. That's pretty messed up that he would put himself in that scenario with a gf that he has a kid with and another one on the way. He may really be into you... but he clearly doesn't have any respect for the other girl, and that's a huge red flag.

    • I found that strange ! Because what guy would want to lose his gf and child

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    • Maybe he did fall for you, but he's the one who has to deal with it and get over it now.

    • It's very hard because he's a friend we have shared so much together it's so hard to lose that side of things

  • That guy's a play boy. Best to try and avoid him for your own good. And don't tell his gf, you might end up having a fight, and you would end up in jail.

    • He's not as bad as a playboy he's the one who won't let go of me , messages me all the time ,

    • Might not be as bad as one, but you still have to avoid him at all cost. Trust me.

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