Confused, I miss him, what do I do?

So i met this guy back in high school and we slowly became friends. I had an attraction to him but thought nothing big if it. Eventually we drifted apart.

i then met this other guy who became my bf in high school we dated for a good year. Then one day i ran into the 1st guy and had a good long chat while waiting for the bus. It hit me, i like him, we're great together. I know its bad but me and 1st hit it off from then without my bf knowing (my bf is amazing though and i love our relationship).

this fling became an on and off thing and eventually i asked him why he won't push things forward and he said 'well because you have a bf'. I knew already i was doing wrong. time went on we drifted apart again and i continued my life with my bf.

i thought i had patched up my feelings for this 1st guy but i haven't. Things continuously keep reminding me of me and him. this is within a timeframe of 3 years! it is unfair to my bf because i do love what he (my bf) and i share with each other plus we have a kid :( and It is to a point where i check fb to see how 1st guy is doing etc

I've been contemplating if i should tell 1st guy how i feel even though we haven't spoken for quite some time now. Is this appropriate? Please tell me what should i do? Need some opinions its driving me crazy im such a bad person but i can't control my emotions


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  • What purpose would telling him how you feel serve? You can't act on those feelings, with with you having a child with another man (who you are in a long term relationship with!)

    This is not appropriate, it's cheating. If you act on this, you might well end up with nothing - no bf, no 1st guy, and what about your poor kid?

    "Oh sorry, I destroyed the family because I can't control my emotions."

    • Hmm yes you're right. Always good having someone set you straight when you can't do it yourself

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