Am I to blame? Am I in the wrong? Just a lost girl!!!

So I was dating this guy for nearly 5 months. We got on brilliantly. We Sen each other once a week as I was still living with my mum (due to moving back from Scotland with my daughter). My boyfriend and I met on a dating site. We spoke all dy everyday and I liked him from the moment I met him and he was hooked on me. He told me he fell in love with me within the first month of dating. We decided to give the relationship a go. We had two disagreements within the time we had together. First one was he asked me when I had my next night off work and I had told him and he made plans to see his mate knowing it was my only night off and we only seen each other once a week. He had plenty of time in the week to see his mate. He didn't speak to me for that night and the following day till I told him I was sorry I shouldn't of acted the way I did. He told me he felt down all day at work after arguing with me and didn't want to argue again. This time round he promised to make it to my little girls birthday party which was on the Sunday. He phoned on the Friday after picking up his son (whom I hadn't met yet) and said he was unable to make it to my girls party because his sons mum was on call all day Sunday and he didn't have no one to watch his son. I wasn't angry at the fact he couldn't make it but I was angry at his ex because he even said she reckons she said she was on call cause she knew he would be meeting my daughter and my family for the first time. I asked him why he couldn't bring his son and he said he had to respect the fact his ex waiting 6 months before introducing her boyfriend I their son so he was doing the same. It really upset me he couldn't come and I said I didn't want a 3 way relationship with his ex too cause she's got far too much say in his life. He put the phone down on me and said he will speak tomorrow. I told him on text he was acting like a child running away from the problem. Iv not heard nothing since. I miss him so much 😔 help!
I don't want to feel needy by pestering him. I sent him about 5 messages already and his read them and ignored them. I'd do anything for him to speak to me. Do I contact him again if so what do I say? I mean he was in the wrong for not taking mine and my daughters feelings upon board but his making me pay by not talking to me because I told him that his allowing his ex to have so much say. Is he protecting her? It's like his defended her over
Sorry I meant to say "defending her over me" even though he can't stand her.


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  • This is the problem with having a relationship with a single dad. The mom is always going to be there, maybe just a little or maybe a lot but she will always be there. If you love him and you miss him somuch you are going to have to deal with it. It sucks it does but thats just how it is, you know. The ex shouldn't be abusive either though so just watch out for that and try to communicate your thoughts and feelings with him as much as you can :) Just my opinion.


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  • Online or Offline relationship, LostGirl 87, there are going to be problems and some minor, sometimes serious "Disagreements' to iron out, when beginning a new beguine with someone whom you got right into a relationship with quickly. You didn't give yourselves a chance to really know one another and it seems now, you are finding out things for yourself With------I didn't want a 3 way relationship.
    You both have baggage to boot. However, it would appear, without all the writing on the wall, that His "EX" is still in the picture and it could very well be turn into what I refer to as a Triangle Threesome," or what you call something different... no matter How you slice the cake here she is not going away too soon, I am afraid. This happens a lot in a new relationship when one or both parties have others, including a ghost from the past, attached to their caboose, it Isn't over because they are right there to spoil the broth and still be chief cook and bottle washer, even more so when you're now together.
    You both need to talk things out and do some compromising. Already there are wrinkles and crinkles and if something isn't smoothed out, it just may end up to be, if it hopefully now Isn't A-----Not heard nothing since.
    He may be just cooling down for now, sweetie, give him time, space to get over his hissy fit. And if he should stop putting you on this pay no mind list, then you both need to work together as two birds of a feather and get on the same page... don't let a skeleton still in the closet rattle your chains nor other trivial things or even Bigger headaches cause your relationship to go dead in the water or become a train wreck before it has had a chance to get off the ground.
    In the case of the party, with him being this party pooper, yes, he was in the wrong and knew about the party and should have considered you and your daughter's feelings more... he broke his promise and may break many more... open lines of convo is desperately needed.
    Good luck. xx


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