Is it wrong to choose the divorce to be with my ex girlfriend over my husband and my kids?

Am i selfish? Should i talk to him about it or back to my girlfriend in a secret relationship? Help me.


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  • If your marital vows are that easily broken and your children that easily abandoned... well, do you like what that says about you?

    If you really are unhappy, then do what you need, don't let anyone tell you otherwise, but be fully accepting of the consequences, and don't be selfish about what you can get in the divorce if you do.

    • It's unfair to assume it's easy for anyone to leave a marriage.

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    • Yeah didn't read all that because I don't care. But sucks for you to be so worked up about some strangers life that you have no idea about.

    • @shadowlegend
      LMFAO, whatever, then gtfo of the conversation, you are the one who interrupted to begin with! And if no one bothered to answer other people's questions, there'd be no point to this website being here, would there be?

      Sorry about being off with shadowlegend, that was rude of both of us. So again, the question for you is what choice can you live with? Are you willing to break the commitment you made to your husband? And how would you feel about someone else being OK with you leaving your husband for them? If you can be swayed out of this relationship, shouldn't the girl you have feelings for be cautious that you'd do the same to her? And for that matter, should you trust her if she's encouraging you to break your vows? You are always going to have temptations, but you don't always have to give into them. So think things through and then decide what you are willing to live with. No right or wrong, just action and consequence.

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  • If one of ur kids in the future know u left them girlfriend how they well feel?

  • It is selfish what you are doing. You made a commitment but that is gone now no matter what you chose. More children in a messed up situation because of one parent's desires. Everyones life in turmoil because you didn't have your shit together when you made your commitment. What a mess.

    • It's not my fault that I'm bi !!

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    • Wait a minute! I didn't cheat on my husband with her.

    • Glad you haven't cheated. Your decsision isn't if you are to be bi or not. You are. you have also chosen marriage, as i did and my wife did. I still want women and she still wants other men but we dont do that because there is something better for us being married and having our family. I have been in situations where i could have had other women but chise not too, because, im married not because i didn't want them. Try this read from a women like you:

      And these articles:

      Since you haven't cheated you have time ti figure this out. All people in marriage get conflicted at times but for me anyway marriage has been wonderful even though it has been challenging to make it work and, like anything, i have had to give up somethings to get something even better in marriage. I think you will work through this important challenge. Once you do though, i wouldn't revisist it later, chose your path and stay with it, it will be a challege which ever path you chose.

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  • Are you gay or straight? And you should not be in a relationship that you have to hide. Have enough integrity to be honest and own your choices and respect the person you married enough to give them the real reason you don't want to stay in the marriage, if that's what you want.


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