It hurts knowing what happened with my first love and I..I'm confused on what to do?

My first love and I just separated away from each other. He was having it rough, and I was having my life easy. He lived in California. I am living in Indiana. We have known each other for 7 years. We are both 17 now! On his life, he's okay I guess. I don't know much. He did drugs from the last time I talked to him. From my life, I was promising him our future. We lost contact a few times, and I feel like this is so permanent. It HURTS me because every memory hurts me. They leave a smile on my face, and I miss him the next. I want to contact him again, and just let him know how much I want him in my life.. :( If we are friends. That is totally okay with me.. Should I text my first love or should I just forget about it?
I have a boyfriend and I LOVE my boyfriend, and I know I wouldn't give my boyfriend up for my first love again. My first love hurt me a lot, but then we were good friends..


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  • That's a big lie... You can lie to any one but not to yourself... "Friends"
    There is no such thing as friends... You love him and can't forget him is all... You have to go thro it like all of us did... My first was a psycho and an addict... Messed up girl... But I gave it time and forgot all about her... Now I think... I was an idiot, a girl like that didn't deserve me. To be honest I don't even remember her name... Any ways, once I broke up with her, I deleted everything, burned pictures, deleted my Facebook... Everything and anything that was left. She kept calling me and texting me but I didn't respond... It hurt a lot... I wanted to just pickup the phone and hear her voice one more time... But I didn't... I was stronger than that. the point is whats done is done... Get over it. Be strong. If you need time and space ask your bf to give you some time to clear up your mind, it not fair to the poor guy. Use your anger and forget all about him.
    First love is nothing special... It's the first of many...
    Good luck


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  • I would try contacting him to be friends. If that doesn't work try just putting it in the past not forgetting it though.


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