What do you think is a more hurtful way to break up with a man?

He f*cked up. I told him i need some time alone and for him to not contact me at all. I would contact him when i'm ready.

What would be more hurtful, if i never contact him at all and leave him waiting until he figures it out on his own?

Or tell him off about his action and then tell him its over?


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  • I don't see how being vengeful helps improve your life. If you absolutely are positive you two are done, just tell him it's over. No need to explain it, and there's no need to make it hurtful.

    If you want, you can explain why you're breaking it off. Perhaps it's something he could improve upon, which will make the next girl he meets a happy person and avoid the hurt you are experiencing. If not for him, why not explain for her sake?

    I won't intrude and ask what's wrong, but I hope you feel better ;)

    • Oh, was the no contact thing the issue? sorry if I misread that, I thought you just started no contact. In any case, something clearly led to the no contact.

      Anyway, all the best.

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    • I'm sorry to hear that, that must be very hurtful.

      Frankly, there's no need to explain to him what he did, he knows. It isn't as if it was some subtle personality flaw you were upset about, his mistake couldn't be more plain.

      Just tell him it's over. I think that would be best. Not just because it makes it clear to him, but because it will get closure for you too--you won't have to worry about whether he's going to try to contact you again. It will be all over, period, you can move on. No conversation, definitely no arguing, just say it's over and leave it at that.

    • thanks for the help, i appreciate it :)

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  • Or you could act like a mature adult, calmly and directly tell him you're done with the relationship and stick with your decision, and move on with your life?

    Just throwin out ideas here.


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  • It depends on how he "fucked up" lol what did he do?

    • Read the question wrong sorry lol anyway not saying anything would definitely be more hurtful in my opinion

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  • Telling him off would be better. Not calling seems a little cruel to me.


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