Is it possible if exes can go back together?

My 2nd bf (which is currently now known as my ex) was so special to me. he's someone i didn't ever want to loose from the start. I somehow regret dating him and somehow dont but it happened so yeah. Actually, the first time he asked me out, i rejected him because I have t moved on from my first bf (ex), but then after a while, when we kept talking all day till we fell asleep, my feelings for my first ex started to fade away. Then one night, he asked me again and i said yes since i was ready and willing to be with him. He was really special, better than my first tbh, he comforted me when i was at my worst, he made me feel special, he was proud to tell others that i was his gf, he gives me forehead kisses, hugs from behind in front of my friends and all. He was really sweet. Then 1 week after our 1st monthsary, we didn't really talk much since he was busy at school like bball practices and tests and all since he's 12th grade (aka form 6) and that he's going to college next year so we didmt talk for days. Then one morning, i message him saying sorry i kept bothering him and i told him that i understand and i love him, then he replied with a long message and he thinks that its not going to work out between the both of us. So we broke up. After the break up, he became so cold to me.. Like nothing ever happened between us, it also seemed like he doesn't even feel hurt at all.. why are some guys like this?
  • Should I move on and try my best to forget?
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  • Should I wait for him because he's the one i really really love and someone i can't move on?
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  • If the want to move back together Then it is best thing :)


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  • keep this on you mind, May grow friendship becomes love, but love does not retreat into friendship :)


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