I am her world and im worried about her if I leave... need advice!?

i recently discoevered this website and it seems like the perfect place to get advice from. first things first I've been in a long distance realationship and i haven't seen my gf in more than a year and before that we only knew each other for about 3 or 4 months (but only got in an offecial relationship about 2 weeks before we both travelled) But thats not the issue. Im from norway and she is from curacao ( and island in south america) but we both have family in the middle east which is where we met. When i saw her first i thought she was beautiful, which she is, but she was very closed and calm and almost scared of everything. Her best friend told me then that she was heartbroken by a guy beofre and she was knew in this country and didn't know a lot of people and like i said everything was like a threat to her, which is why it was extremly hard to me to get closer to her and was rejected a few times by her but then her best friend explained to me that she did it because she was afraid of heart breaks but she did like me. I started getting closer and it was like i took under my wing, untill we both had to travell back but kept communicating online. We talked every single day for hours, i litteraly changed her , changed the way she thinks , changed her perspective on life and made her more open ( she doesn't tell me that bcz she is still kinda closed when it comes to saying her feelings but i notieced it and her freind told me that she was obssesed with me bcz of the way i changed her to a way that she is attached) but now like i said its been more than a year since i last saw her, i was planning on coming this Christmas to visit but i didn't have enough money. i dont knw if i still love her like before-i dnt even know if i really love her as a person or as an online perfect gf that i imagine, cz i only got intimate with her for less than 2 weeks.. if i break up u can imagine what could happen to her, and if i do im afraid that i may regret it :(
And also i do actually love her and even loved her more than she loved and was thinking about bringing her to luve with me but its hard before 1,5 years ( we can ou see each other for a total of 6 weeks during 1,5 years) sometimes i wish i didn't get in that long distance relationship for many reasons, i dont wanna stay with her just not to hurt her, but again im not sure i will regret and won't find someone that loves me the way she did-not sure if i love her of just afraid to hurt her...


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  • If u love someone, you'd be 100% sure... this is confusing and hard, I know. Cause I felt that way about someone, and its horrible thinking that maybe his proclaimed love wasn't real love, but, even if it'll be really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really hard on her... oh I feel so sorry for her... but, -don't leave her thinking and hoping, tell her how you feel, be as honest as possible, lying or holding back will give her hopes, and when she realizes there's nothing to hope for... THAT will shatter her world, be gentle, give her time to take it in, let her be free to cry, she'll feel like... omg, I can't even describe it, but she Will heal. You're already so kind for considering her feelings.
    Tell her the truth love, she will be devastated, but at least she'll know where she stands with you.


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