How do you deal with a sister that just broke up with her long time boyfriend?

Her whole life was this guy, it was not healthy. She would listen to everything he said, she was clay in his hands and he knew he could make her into anything he wanted. I don't know how to act around her now because she is the type of person that would kill herself over him. He was her first everything, she had sex with him the 1st night he met her in person (they knew each other 6 months before, dated 3 of those 6 months). Then there was this girl from his school that came into the picture and he said he needed to chose between them and he picked my sister but she forgave him about it and said thank you. Now she broke up with him because she didn't want to hold him back from the girl. she has a therapy appointment in 3 days because of this.. I don't know what to do


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  • you just got to be careful with what you say, be there for her, talk to her, hug her, let her go to the appointment and just let her recover herself without pushing her


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